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Common Alzheimer’s Treatment Linked to Slower Cognitive Decline | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Cholinesterase inhibitors such as galantamine, donepezil, and rivastigmine, appear to generate persistent cognitive benefits, and increased life span for up to five...

Many QAnon Followers Report Having Mental Health Diagnoses | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Research has long revealed an association between belief in conspiracy theories and mental health disorders. A new study reports followers of the...

Human Fondness, Faith in Machines Grows During Pandemic | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Studying human-machine interactions, researchers found that during the pandemic, people are not only more altruistic to other humans, their behaviors also extend...

Algorithm Designs Soft Robots That Sense | Nutrition Fit

Summary: A new algorithm is allowing researchers to develop soft robots that are better able to collect useful information about their surroundings.Source: MITThere...

Psychedelic Drugs: How the Brains of Informed Users Are Different | Nutrition Fit

Summary: While the effects of hallucinogens to treat mental illnesses are being researched, little is known about the neurobiology of those who dabble...

Gene Changes Linked to Severe Repetitive Behaviors | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Study identifies genes that become activated in the brain prior to the initiation of severe repetitive behaviors associated with addiction, ASD, and...

How to Talk With Kids About Scary Events | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Researchers address the best way to approach a child when relaying negative or scary information.Source: University of Colorado at BoulderWhen scary or...

How Teeth Sense the Cold | Nutrition Fit

Summary: The ion channel TRPC5 acts as a molecular cold sensor in teeth. Researchers report the TRPC5 could be a new target to...

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