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Fashion Bloggers Love life

best truths to know about fashion bloggers love life
best truths to know about fashion bloggers love life

Best truths to know about fashion bloggers love life

Have you been in a world full of clothes but do not know how to wear them, if you want to wear the same outfit dress then you shall ask how to style these outfits to look different from the other day. The answer is simple “INFLUENCER”, taking tips from them, enlightening your brains to do some fashion trending outfits. 

Generally, we all head to youtube for searching for new cool ideas as influencers or fashion bloggers are divine advisors of fashion.

Fashion advisors or influencers fashion bloggers are dedicated to their work and come with old fashioned to newest attire to smudge with your ranking clothes and pair it with uniqueness. Despite this, if you are into the influencers and must be following them on social media’s. You also follow them to know about them, how they are managing their life’s, how they shoot, how much they earn and their personal life interesting facts

Famous Influencers aka Fashion Blogger at their best:

1.Komal Pandey

I am a very big fan of Komal Pandey as she started her career at Popxo daily, doing youtube videos as a content creator, she grew up. Create her lines of collection for every occasion to follow with ethnic wear to mind-blowing western wear. She is Rendezvous in presenting herself grounded and feeling like she is the only queen is not in her dictionary.

Presently dating Siddharth Batra. Her love life started at a party held at Gurgaon by their mutual friends. 

By then they started knowing each other and talked about fashion all overnight as they both are influencers.

Indeed a romantic couple who are celebrating every occasion full of bliss and memories which they create auspiciously by keeping all small details in mind.

Now they are cojoining their addition and marking them as a couple of influencers by creating Instagram handle @thesidkom. Wishing you a very prosperous life ahead and this will brighten your day.

Komal Pandey- Fashion Blogger
Komal Pandey- Fashion Blogger

Instagram: @komalpandeyofficial

Followers: 1.4M

Posts: 2774

2. Dolly Singh

A wow sensation of the present world, Dolly Singh is an influencer who enlightens her fans with fashion trends and funny videos. It all started when I was obsessed with her funny videos, admired by the role of bhabhi and many characters, she became a nonstop influencer who raises the glory of our world to the platform where all may recognise the actual issues and be at least the person to accept the issues.

She is from Uttrakhand.

As pursuing her degree in fashion management, she started her vlog “The Spill with Saas”. Currently, she is achieving a lot from the fans as we love you all dolly and your concepts admire us. Dating the legal practitioner Manu Chaturvedi, he is proficient in legal writing and limitations. Posting On Instagram, issues that surround us is more like adopting Dolly Singh mind developing or Manu Chaturvedi’s legal writing interest her the most as we can see how Dolly Singh crave the full narrated story in a moral view without dreaming into a boring feel.

Having them both is a full life seen.

 The best way in analysing the victory is their suggestions and conquering them together.

DollySingh -Fashion Blogger
DollySingh -Fashion Blogger

Instagram Handle: @dollysingh

Followers: 1.3 M

Post: 3555

3. Juhi Godambe

 Lifestyle for fashion is what she desires for and now she is there with her dream fulfilled. Juhi Godambe is an elite personality who started fashion to approve her and started her degree in London.

By pitching life from introvert to extrovert, she passionately initiated her journey from the brand ARABELLA.

As many know her by a suggestion on apparel as a classy taste in bridal wear, ethnic and western too.

Married to Siddharth Jain on January 17, 2021, with a luxurious proposal. Married in Jaipur with destination wedding congratulating them for a new beginning of their life.

Juhi Godambe
Juhi Godambe

Instagram  Handle: @juhigodambe

Followers: 468k

Posts: 4,204

4.Kritika Khurana 

A travel Blogger, Influencer, a fashionista aka fashion Blogger with her favourite attire BOHO. She is one of the finest fashion advisors and gradually becoming more enthusiastic in her life as her sister has also started a cloth line from the name Dee. Dream to become an influencer came into existence when she pursued her degree in fashion designing. She first started her blog as named That Boho Girl and then initiated it through 


Currently Dating Aditya Chhabra. Love birds are truly very happy as recently she surprised him by giving a full blast birthday bash and vice versa he also charms her by giving her surprises.

Kritika Khurana
Kritika Khurana

Instagram handle: @thatbohogirl

Posts: 5134

Followers: 1.2M

5. Roshni Bhatia

Her taste in fashion is very outlandish as in  Fashion bloggers. Fashion for her is a pure realm of fashion and she is a free spirit in her castle. Diminished with her life she struggles in her childhood days and started her career as a fashion producer in PPOPxo. Now owns a youtube channel with the Instagram handle @thechiquefactor.

She is a charming lady with her own collection of outfits style up with a uniqueness that lite her best fusion simplicity, her adorable son is so proud of her that he also takes part with her in interesting videos.

Married to PIYUSH SETHI a real estate professional -her second husband. He is an entrepreneur which runs fashion and estate both.

Married at the age of 21 Roshni wasn’t happy with the first marriage as his husband used to torture her about her looks and shaming her every time even she used to wear makeup at the sleeping time. She got divorced and now currently very happy with her husband Piyush Sethi and son Arjun.

Roshini Bhatia
Roshini Bhatia

Instagram Handle: @thechiquefactor

Followers: 522k

Posts: 1097

More fashion Influencers are coming on the way and ready to explode more fashions texture, colours and keeping all trending vibes from day to day exploration. Keep them supporting as they are true and real to you all and the efforts they put on to bring you all the extra fashion knowledge at your screens is not an easy task to do. We are all glad that when a\we are stuck to wear our old clothes we can rely on these Influencers.

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