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Can You Have Sauces, Dressings, And Condiments On The Nutrisystem Diet? | Nutrition Fit

I sometimes have people contact me who are concerned that they aren’t going to be allowed to have condiments on Nutrisystem. And, they are picturing themselves having to eat bland diet food. They picture themselves having toast without butter or jelly, bagels with out cream cheese, sandwiches without mustard, and salads without any dressing.

The truth is, you are allowed to have well chosen condiments within moderation. Like all of the foods, condiments are broken down into a category. For example, fruits are considered to be “smart carbs.” Proteins are considered “power fuels” and condiments and sauces are put in the “extra” category. And here is where choosing carefully can be very important. If you can find a condiment item that is below 10 calories per serving, then it is unlimited. You can have all you want. But if you choose an item in the “other” category that is above twenty calories per serving, then it’s limited to three times per day. Now, to be fair, few people are going to need to have condiments much more than three times per day.

Just thinking about it, you’d probably want butter or jelly for breakfast, and perhaps something for lunch and dinner, but this still equals three times during the day. Admittedly, there are many examples of Nutrisystem meals that lend themselves to these extras. Of course, the breakfast bagel is one. Also, the hot dog and the hamburger sort of call out for mustard or ketchup. It’s not as satisfying to eat a salad without dressing. (The company does provide a grocery list on their website that lists suggestions for brands that offer low calorie, low fat, and low sugar options. I’ve tried many of them and I’m often surprised at how good they are.) Better yet, many of the suggestions fall into unlimited category.)

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The serving sizes on most of the condiments (honey, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, cream cheese, salad dressing, salsa, and syrup as just some examples) are one tablespoon. So hopefully, this might make you feel a little better. You’re not going to have to choke down dried toast or eat a salad without any dressing. And yes, you can have some ketchup for the hot dog or even some bar b que sauce for the sloppy joe or some salsa for the fajita. You can have more than three servings per day if you choose carefully. But even if you don’t, you will at least get to have a condiment choice for all three of the main meals.

Source by Ava Alderman

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