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Psychedelic Drugs: How the Brains of Informed Users Are Different | Nutrition Fit

Summary: While the effects of hallucinogens to treat mental illnesses are being researched, little is known about the neurobiology of those who dabble...

Gene Changes Linked to Severe Repetitive Behaviors | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Study identifies genes that become activated in the brain prior to the initiation of severe repetitive behaviors associated with addiction, ASD, and...

How to Talk With Kids About Scary Events | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Researchers address the best way to approach a child when relaying negative or scary information.Source: University of Colorado at BoulderWhen scary or...

How Teeth Sense the Cold | Nutrition Fit

Summary: The ion channel TRPC5 acts as a molecular cold sensor in teeth. Researchers report the TRPC5 could be a new target to...

Tired of Video Conferencing? You’re Right to Question Its Effectiveness | Nutrition Fit

Summary: In the age of COVID lockdowns, video conferencing has become the norm for people connecting with family and conducting business meetings. A...

Measurable Changes in Brain Activity During First Few Months of Studying a New Language | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Within months of learning a new language, increased activity in brain areas associated with auditory processing, memory, and grammatical comprehension occurs. As...

Correcting Altered Brain Circuit Could Tackle Coinciding Obesity and Depression | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Mice that consumed high-fat diets not only became obese, they also displayed an increased risk of depression and anxiety symptoms. This was...

Want a Longer, Healthier Life? Resolve Your Arguments by Day’s End | Nutrition Fit

Summary: Resolving arguments on the day they occur helps reduce and improves overall wellbeing, researchers report.Source: Oregon State UniversityA recent Oregon State University...

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