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Global COVID deaths near 2 million as hospitals struggle | Nutrition FIt

With the world poised to pass the 2-million-death threshold, COVID-19 outbreak situations are worsening in several parts of the world, including Peru, where...

News Scan for Jan 15, 2021 | Nutrition FIt

COVID-19 occasionally associated with serious childbirth complicationsPregnant women with COVID-19 are more likely to experience complications such as heart attacks or blood clots,...

COVID may cut US life expectancy, especially in blacks, Latinos | Nutrition FIt

COVID-19 may shorten Americans' life expectancy at birth of by a median of 1.13 years, to 77.48 years—the largest single-year dip in at...

COVID surges in Arizona as CDC warns it could get worse | Nutrition FIt

The coronavirus pandemic continues to surge across the United States, with many regions reporting second or third surges in infections.Arizona has the highest...

Pandemic deaths top 2 million; crisis deepens in Americas | Nutrition FIt

The world's death toll from COVID-19 today topped 2 million, with yesterday marking the deadliest day of the pandemic, with 16,056 fatalities logged,...

Biden details 5-step COVID vaccine plan, names new lead for vaccines | Nutrition FIt

Last night President-elect Joe Biden revealed details of his $1.9 trillion stimulus plan, which includes an emergency vaccination and relief package to help...

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