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More Hair in the Sink? You Know What to Blame | Nutrition Fit

Tense shoulders, clenched jaws, poor sleep, headaches and even nausea, are some of the common manifestations of stress. But stress can also...

Two recalls, safety warning mean time to check the pantry | Nutrition Fit

Two new recalls and a safety warning mean that it’s time to check your pantry to ensure that your family and pets are...

Lost a Job? 6 Months of Free Benefits Could Be Yours | Nutrition Fit

 Beginning April 1, employers with at least 20 employees will start paying the COBRA health insurance premium for workers who have lost their...

Child Dies in Peloton Treadmill Accident | Nutrition Fit

The accidental death of a child involving a Peloton treadmill is a grim reminder for parents to keep their children away from all...

Your Toothbrush Near the Toilet? Let’s Rethink Proximity, Please | Nutrition Fit

Every morning and most evenings, we head to the bathroom, grab a toothbrush and clean our teeth. And then put that brush someplace.Unless...

Your Open-Notes, Thyroid Exam | Nutrition Fit

Take a look at your neck -- but not for signs of advancing, or already obvious, aging.We are looking for lumps and bumps,...

12 Years in the Haystack, Many Lives Saved with 1 Needle | Nutrition Fit

An important tidbit to know about researching rare diseases: Find that one gene that isn’t working as nature intended, and it can lead...

The Options for Managing Menopause | Nutrition Fit

For those women who have yet to experience the joys of menopause, a few remarks on what you might expect. Some women drench...

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