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Status Update – 030521 | Nutrition Fit

No Kundalini class today with Kjord Davis – come back next week and for now, stream all previous classes here. 1The post Status Update...

Awakening: All month long on WLTV | Nutrition Fit

As the days get longer and the deep freeze thaws, we are tuning our attention to the power of awakening on Wanderlust TV...

Status Update – 022621 | Nutrition Fit

Due to technical difficulties, we’re sad to say that 2/26 Meditation class with Maude Hirst has to be cancelled. Catch the new class...

Status Update – 022621 | Nutrition Fit

Devon Young will be off the mat next Tuesday, 3/2 with her beloved The FIXX class. Click here to stream The FIXX class...

A Gateway to the Divine Energies | Nutrition Fit

In the Vedic Scriptures the energy of Surya – Sun is regarded as the benevolence of divinity bestowing strength, abundance, intelligence and self-realisation....

Slowly Stoke the Fires of Motivation | Nutrition Fit

  Tapas, meaning “will power” in yoga, used to hover over me like a towering father figure, waving a judgmental finger at me every...

Yoga for the Vernal Equinox | Nutrition Fit

Wherever you are at right now, in this very moment; however it is you are thinking and whatever it is you are feeling,...

Here is an Alternative Way to Support Your Yoga Practice | Nutrition Fit

Being yogis with experience, we know first-hand that keeping up with an online class can sometimes come with challenges, whether it’s a missed...

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