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Drugs and the Story About Dr. Druggard

Once upon a time, this woman went to her family physician, Dr. Druggard, with a constipation problem. The doctor thought for a moment, and decided to prescribe a new drug, a salesman from a drug company said was the latest thing for treating constipation. The drug had some possible “side effects”, and the doctor told the patient to read the possible side effects, and report to him if any of them showed up.

One of the possible side effects was urinary incontinence, which happened to the woman, and she had to start wearing “diapers”. The woman went to her doctor and told him what had happened. He said for her “not to worry”, because he had “another drug” that would stop the incontinence. The incontinence drug had possible “side effects” and the doctor told the woman to tell him if any of “them” showed up.

About two weeks went by and she developed a skin rash, which was one of the side effects of the incontinence drug. She went to her doctor to tell him what had happened. He said for her “not to worry”, because a drug company, had just come out with a new drug, that would take care of her skin rash. This drug “also” had side effects, and the doctor told the woman to be sure to tell him if any “of them” showed up.

Only a few days had passed and she started “seeing double” which was one of the side effects of this new drug. This time, the doctor told her he had “run out of drugs” to treat her new problem and told her to go see her eye doctor.

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When she went to her eye doctor, he ask her what she thought might have cause the double vision problem. Whereupon the woman told him the whole story, from constipation on down. The eye doctor told her, that before he would try to fix her eye problem, she should find out what caused her problem of constipation in the first place. So she did some research on the web and found out that eating “white flour foods”, like pasta, donuts, cookies, bread, rolls, etc., cause constipation because they have very little fiber in them.

She called her family doctor and told him what she had found out. She asked him, “why didn’t you tell me what had caused the problem in the first place.” The doctor told her, that he was “trained” to treat people with drugs, and did not know anything about that natural stuff.

Source by Donald Ballard

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