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High School Wrestling: Weight Lifting Options | Nutrition Fit

Weight lifting (i.e. resistance training) is merely one component of the conditioning that a wrestler needs to do to prepare for competition. Nonetheless, it's...

9 CrossFit Exercises to Lose Weight and Tummy Fat | Nutrition Fit

CrossFit is a series of workout methods primarily intended for enhancing strength and conditioning. It focuses mainly on Olympic style weightlifting but at the...

Safety Considerations for Plyometric Workouts | Nutrition Fit

Plyometric exercises are explosive moves that use strength and speed to build power. Imagine Coby Bryant or Michael Jordan jumping to make a slam...

Effective Grip Training For Wrestlers And Grapplers | Nutrition Fit

While the best physical attributes for wrestling and grappling sports is speed, flexibility and agility, strength should not be overlooked. With so much on...

Female Body Types Explained: How to Go From Endomorph to Hourglass | Nutrition Fit

Endomorph women are usually short with soft, round bodies. Blessed with thick arms and strong legs, endomorphs take to leg exercises like the squat...

High School Wrestling: John Jesse’s Wisdom on Strength and Conditioning | Nutrition Fit

In 1974, a book entitled Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia was published. This book was written by a man named John Jesse.Conditioning coach Vernon...

Grappling Dummy – An Olympian’s View | Nutrition Fit

I have been doing Judo for over 22 years and I have competed and trained in some of the hardest dojos and gyms on...

My Top 15 Non-Traditional, Muscle Building, Fat Scorching Workouts | Nutrition Fit

If you have been a subscriber to my newsletter for some time, you know that I'm always trying to give you ways to make...

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