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The Origin Of Spa – A Brief History | Nutrition Fit

A spa, as known to us today, is a centre for treatments through various alternate medications, and has grown to include relaxation, unwinding and...

Should You Keep Your Underwear On For Your Massage? Let’s Discuss General Manners And Spa Etiquette | Nutrition Fit

Attire: What does one wear for a massage, et al appointment at the spa? Personally, I think one should wear what's comfortable. This might...

Ouch! I Got an Itchy Scratchy Tummy Tuck Rash! | Nutrition Fit

You're looking fantastic after your tummy tuck, but there's just one problem - After it's all said and done, an itchy scratchy rash has...

Celtic Hair Styles, Grooming Decor and Hygiene | Nutrition Fit

A lot of people have asked me about Celtic hair styles for both men and women. They want to know about everyday lives...

Parrot Cages – Metal Toxicity in Parrots | Nutrition Fit

Bellow listed common and not so common metals and their alloys that can be found in cage materials (wires, frame), hardware (screws, padlocks, hinges),...

Joseph Pilates in His Later Years | Nutrition Fit

Joseph Pilates met his future wife Clara, a kindergarten teacher, on the boat to Ellis Island. The story goes that Clara suffered from arthritis...

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Arc Trainer | Nutrition Fit

The arc trainer will suspend your legs on pedals that won't scrape against a bottom platform. In other words, you will be running in...

History and Background of Hot Stone Massage | Nutrition Fit

IntroductionMassage is perhaps the oldest form of hands-on-healing known to humans, easily pre-dating written records. For millennia, people from virtually every culture have used...

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