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Luxury Tours in India Within Your Reach | Nutrition Fit

Today, as India has become a globally famous destination for the holidays and vacations, this appeals the tourists and visitors from all over the...

Things to Know Before You Go to Barbados | Nutrition Fit

Before you go to Barbados here are some helpful facts and things you should know so when you arrive on the island you know...

The Ethereal Plane and Dreams in Regards to Natural Astral Projection – The Astral Plane | Nutrition Fit

The best people to study the Astral Plane are serious scientists who are often skeptics. It is a reality, yet one that can be...

Meditation and Psychic Powers, Shaktipat, Kundalini Kriyas, Siddhis, Enlightenment and Ramakrishna 2 | Nutrition Fit

From time immemorial it has been known that some people, Yogis, Gurus, Shamen, Priests, Saints, Paramahamsas, Buddhas, Christs, have evolved to a state of...

Fear of Authority Figures in the Workplace Isn’t Just Social Anxiety | Nutrition Fit

People who seek help with their social anxiety often have difficulties dealing with individuals who have "power," perceived power or authority. These can be...

Inner Self Work – How To Strengthen Your Aura For Self-Protection | Nutrition Fit

In the area of psychic and spiritual study, the aura is the energy field surrounding the body that reflects our mental and physical condition....

Did the Russians Find a Way to Train People in Using Telekinesis? | Nutrition Fit

In Russia, before the revolution that put Stalin in power, scientists were eagerly studying the use of hypnotism and parapsychology. Throughout the thirties, these...

What Is Injury Recall Technique | Nutrition Fit

When an area in the body is injured the brain sends signals to the body to begin healing processes for the injured area. Specifically,...

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